News & Events

Congratulations to Dr Magda Ulmeanu

Best wishes to Magda, who will start as an R&D Engineer with Folium Optics Ltd in Thornbury in January 2018.

Welcome to Dr Ankur Saha

We are pleased to welcome Dr Ankur Saha who is visiting for a couple of months to gain experience with velocity map imaging methods.  Ankur is based at the BARC in Mumbai where he is establishing a new laboratory for VMI experiments.

Welcome to Giordano Amoruso

Welcome to new PhD student Giordano Amoruso who has recently joined Dr Tom Oliver’s research group. Giordano recently completed his Master’s degree at the University of Padua. At Padua, Giordano worked in the laboratory of Dr Elisabetta Collini using 2D electronic spectroscopy to investigate the ultrafast dynamics of quantum dots.

Emerging Techniques in Chemical Dynamics symposium held at Bristol

Profs Daniel Rolles (Kansas State University) and Arthur Suits (University of Missouri) were keynote speakers at the ‘Emerging Techniques in Chemical Dynamics’ mini-symposium held in Bristol on 22 September. Bristol and Oxford group members Aditi Bhattacherjee, Michael Burt and Chris Hansen each gave excellent supporting presentations.  The picture shows Daniel (left) and Arthur (right) in front of Mitch Quinn’s poster on crossed molecular beam scattering.

Four new members of the group

We are delighted to welcome new postdoctoral research associate Dr Graham Cooper, and new postgraduates students Lingfeng Ge, Tony Kao and Ryan Phelps to the group.  They will join current and developing projects on chemical dynamics in the gas phase and in solution.

Mike Ashfold elected to Membership of Academia Europaea

Academia Europaea was founded in 1988, on the initiative of the Royal Society and other National Academies in Europe.  Academia Europaea is the only Europe-wide Academy with individual membership from Council of Europe states and other nations across the world.

Rebecca Ingle completes her PhD

Congratulations to Rebecca Ingle for success in her PhD viva. Rebecca’s thesis described studies of several different photoinduced reactions both in the gas phase and in solution. Rebecca will begin postdoctoral research in the group of Prof Majed Chergui at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in October.

SUSDG Conference in Bristol

The 2017 meeting of the Southern Universities Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group (SUSDG) was held at the University of Bristol across September 7-8. The early career researcher-focused conference ran successfully and was organised and chaired by laser group members Chris Hansen and Mitch Quinn.

Daisuke Koyama completes his PhD

Congratulations to Daisuke Koyama for success with his PhD viva.  Daisuke’s thesis described his studies of ultrafast photochemical dynamics of sulfur-containing organic molecules and radicals in solution using transient electronic and vibrational absorption spectroscopy.  Daisuke and his family will return to Japan in September.

Welcome to Aditi Bhattacherjee

We are delighted to welcome Dr Aditi Bhattacherjee to Bristol.  Aditi has joined Tom Oliver’s group after completing her PhD at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai) and postdoctoral research with Prof Steve Leone at UC Berkeley.  She will be working with Tom on ultrafast laser spectroscopy studies of energy transport.

FRS for Andrew Orr-Ewing

Andrew Orr-Ewing has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS). The Royal Society is the world’s oldest scientific academy in continuous existence and fellows are drawn from all areas of science. Andrew joins Mike Ashfold and Richard Dixon as members of the Bristol group in who have received this prestigious honour.

Liu Hao receives his PhD at the University of Bristol graduation in Beijing

Congratulations to Dr Liu Hao who was awarded his PhD in absentia in July 2016, but was able to graduate in person at the University of Bristol graduation ceremony in Beijing held in April 2017.  The photo below shows Liu Hao in his PhD gown.

Welcome back to Rabi Chhantyal-Pun

We are delighted to welcome Dr Rabi Chhantyal-Pun back to Bristol as a NERC-funded senior research associate.  Rabi will be studying the atmospheric chemistry of Criegee intermediates and hydroxalkyl peroxy radicals using laboratory measurements of their reaction kinetics, product characterization by mass spectrometry, and atmospheric modelling, in collaboration with Dudley Shallcross and Andrew Orr-Ewing.

Hugo Marroux completes his PhD

Congratulations to Hugo Marroux who successfully completed his PhD on 2DIR and transient IR spectroscopy of dynamical processes in solution.  Hugo has now moved to the University of California Berkeley to start postdoctoral research with Prof Steve Leone and Prof Dan Neumark.  Family and friends from France joined Hugo and co-workers in Bristol for a post-viva celebration and a long lunch.

New PGOPHER version released

Colin Western has released version 10.0 of his spectral simulation and fitting program PGOPHER.  Further details are available from the PGOPHER website and from a new article published on 19th April in the journal PCCP (DOI 10.1039/C7CP00266A).  A major new feature is an automated spectral assignment and fitting process.

Double success for Shubhrangshu Pandit

Congratulations to Shubhrangshu Pandit for his successful PhD viva on March 13th, and for his recent Journal of Chemical Physics paper being selected as a 2016 Editors’ Choice article.  The paper, entitled “Evidence for concerted ring opening and C-Br bond breaking in UV-excited bromocyclopropane” (DOI: 10.1063/1.4954373) will feature in a collection of articles chosen by the JCP Editors as the most innovative and influential papers published in the journal in 2016.

Virtual Winterschool for Computational Chemistry 2017

Rebecca Ingle was a member of the organising committee and chaired several sessions for the 2017 edition of the Virtual Winterschool for Computational Chemistry. This conference aims to make cutting-edge developments in computational chemistry accessible to all, and the talks are now available online in video format. The next Winterschool will run in Jan – Feb 2018.

Paper selected as a 2016 highlight in PSST

Congratulations to Hao Liu and Ben Truscott, whose article entitled “Position and time-resolved Stark broadening diagnostics of a non-thermal laser-induced plasma” was selected by the Associate Editors of Plasma Sources Science and Technology as a highlight of 2016. Articles selected for this accolade can be viewed at the PSST website.  PSST is a leading international journal in plasma science and is published by the institute of Physics.

Welcome to Dr Ravi Kumar Venkatraman

We are delighted to be joined by new Newton International Fellow Dr Ravi Kumar Venkatraman.  Ravi completed his PhD at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore under the supervision of Prof Siva Umapathy.  In Bristol, he will use femtosecond laser spectroscopy methods to study ultrafast dynamical processes in solution.

Cover art for Faraday Discussions 194

Artwork by Gareth Roberts appears on the front cover of the recently published volume for Faraday Discussions 194 on Ultrafast Imaging of Photochemical Dynamics (Dec 2016).  The volume also features a paper by Katharina Röttger, Hugo Marroux, Gareth Roberts, other members of the Bristol group and collaborators at the University of Kiel on ultrafast photo-induced dynamics in thymine and cytosine nucleobases.