Chemical Dynamics and Molecular Spectroscopy

Our research is concerned with the application of laser-based techniques in chemistry and materials science. We study the mechanisms of chemical and photochemical reactions, the spectroscopy and structure of reactive intermediates, atmospheric chemistry, analytical applications of laser spectroscopy, optical properties of aerosol particles, and laser ablation for thin-film deposition. Our work includes processes that occur in the gas phase, in liquids and at the surfaces of materials.

People in the Group

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The group is led by Prof Mike Ashfold FRS, Prof Andrew Orr-Ewing and Dr Colin Western, and includes research fellows, postgraduate students and undergraduate students of many nationalities.

News & Events

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Innovate UK success for Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Photek Ltd., University of Bristol and KTP Fellow Dr Orla Kelly (the products from which are now branded as Velocitas VMI) was shortlisted for the KTP Best of the Best Awards Read More

Adenine photochemistry paper features on the cover of Journal of Physical Chemistry A

A study of the photochemistry of adenine in water led by Gareth Roberts has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A, and his artwork is featured on the cover of the journal.  The experimental investigation used the Read More

Three new PhD students join the group

We are delighted to welcome three new PhD students to the group:  Daisuke Koyama, Jack Warren and Philip Coulter.  Jack will work on gas-phase photodissociation dynamics, and Daisuke and Philip will be applying the ultrafast Read More

Studying Here

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We welcome applications to join our group in the School of Chemistry, which provides an outstanding environment for research in an internationally renowned University.